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Our Philosophy

Mt. Zion Bible School (MZBS) is committed to a Christian philosophy education.  This means that every facet of the program is conditioned and directed by a Christ-centered Biblical perspective, which is outlined below:
•    Ultimate reality is found beyond man in the triune God who created and now sustains all things.
•    Man is morally depraved and is dependent upon and answerable to a holy God.
•    The Bible, God’s inerrant, authoritative revelation to man, is the essence of truth and is the integrating factor for the entire curriculum. 
•    The objective of Christian education is to glorify God through salvation, maturation, and service.
•    The school is committed to the support of both the family and local church – two institutions God established. 


Mt. Zion Bible School offers the Accelerated Christian Education Program (A.C.E.) School of Tomorrow academic curriculum that includes skill building, goal setting, reading practice, and character building – all with strong Biblical integration!  It is designed to allow each student to work on his or her own level of achievement, which may vary from subject to subject.


The curriculum includes Math, Science, Word Building, Social Studies, English, and electives.  Each core subject consists of 12 PACEs per grade level beginning with Level 1 (PACE 1001) and ending with Level 12 (PACE 1144).  Students will typically complete 75 or more PACEs in one academic year. However, this can vary according to the student’s ability and motivation.  Students are encouraged to do their best and proceed as they are capable.

Before beginning the program, each student participates in diagnostic testing.  Each student’s score is aligned with the correct PACE levels in which to begin.  Scores below a certain number, which vary from student to student, may indicate that certain students must complete gap PACEs before proceeding to their PACE level.  Gap PACEs are PACEs that must be taken prior to other coursework to meet the requirements of the tested subject.

Mt. Zion Bible School has achieved the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow ‘Quality Status’ level since 2004.   Therefore, we can offer the opportunity for dual-enrollment accreditation through A.C.E.’s Lighthouse Christian Academy (Henderson, TN) for high school students. 

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